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Model Airplane Fly Field

Kieselburg Forest Preserve Radio Controlled Flying Field


New For 2016 Daily and Yearly Pass Holders

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has a new requirement which is in now in effect for 2016. All model pilots who use a ground control system with a communications link such as an RC transmitter, that is over 0.55 pounds(or 250 grams) and less than 55 pounds, are required to register. This includes operators who fly fixed-wing RC aircraft and helicopters, not just multi-rotors or drones. Go to to register.

This will be a requirement for all permitted users of the Fly Field at Kieselburg Forest Preserve, and therefore proof of this FAA registration along with a valid AMA card or proof of insurance will be required at the time of obtaining or renewing a permit with the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County. Additionally, all aircraft need to have this registration number visibly marked on their aircraft.

Click here to purchase flying field season pass. AMA and FAA registrations cards must be received at the District Office before the season pass will be mailed out. Please email registration cards to, fax to (815)877-6124 or mail to 5500 Northrock Drive, Rockford, IL 61103.

Flying Field Brochure

Rules & Regulations

  1. Hours of use are from 8:00 am until sunset.  Winter flying will be permitted subject to clear safe ground conditions.
  2. Daily users must apply in person at FPWC office, please bring your FAA registration card & AMA card (or proof of insurance with a minimum of $100,000 liability coverage).
  3. All flyers must have in their possession a current FAA registration card, AMA card (or proof of insurance with a minimum of $100,000 liability coverage) and a Forest Preserves of Winnebago County  registration card which must be presented on demand.  Registration cards are valid for the calendar year.
  4. All flyers must obey the safety rules published in the current AMA model aircraft regulations.
  5. All flyers are required to use the established pit area. No taxying planes in pit area (see map).
  6. All flyers must fly from the designated pilot area(s).
  7. Break-in or run-in of new engines must be done in a pilot area not in use.
  8. When returning to the pit area after a flight, no pilot shall taxi beyond the ready area (see map).
  9. Spectators must remain in spectator area (see map).
  10. Under no condition shall a transmitter be turned on before a check of the frequency board has been made or a physical check has been made with all other flyers on the same frequency.
  11. A muffler is required on all engines, 19 and over, after break-in.
  12. A student pilot must be assisted by an instructor until successfully completing 2 solo flights.
  13. A dead stick approach has priority over all other aircraft.
  14. A downed aircraft is to be retrieved only after notifying all other pilots still in the air and receiving their permission.
  15. Flying is not permitted in the following areas:
    • Over pit area
    • Over residential areas
    • Over Swanson Road
    • Over shelter, picnic, or recreation areas of the preserve
  16.  No rockets or remote controlled/engine powered models or toys on flying field other than model aircraft.
  17.  All flyers are subject to provisions of the Forest Preserve District General Use Regulations.
  18.  A violation of any of the above rules shall result in the revocation of flying privileges and/or fines under provisions of the General Use Ordinance.
Yearly photo ID pass$30$40
1-day pass$7$9
2-day pass$10$13
3-day pass$12$16

Safety First

We are proud to say that our preserves are safe environments. We need you to help us keep them that way.