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Board Meeting Minutes Oct. 11

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
District Headquarters
October 11, 2011

Judy Barnard Tom Kalousek, Executive Director
Mary McNamara- Bernsten Vaughn Stamm, Preserve Operations
Jay Ferraro Tom Hartley, Land & Development
Audrey Johnson Mike Durand, Golf
Gloria Lind Jamie Johannsen, Marketing
Cheryl Maggio Steve Chapman, Finance
Mike Scheurich, Attorney
Randy Olson-President GUESTS
Ted Long

The meeting was called to order at 5:31 PM. Recording secretary Ronelle Johnson called the roll. Six Commissioners were present. Mary McNamara-Bernsten presided in Randy Olson’s absence.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Audrey Johnson led the assemblage in the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes for September 13 were approved.

Ted Long – Mr. Long shared some ideas regarding hunting in the forest preserves. He gave a background of himself and then gave a brief history lesson of the different wild animals in this area in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. He believes there is now a deer problem. He has been on his farm since 1951, which is across the street from a preserve. In the last 10 years, nothing has been done with the deer. He passed around some pictures of what the deer have done to the corn field, as well as pictures of the corn before the deer eat it and after. He also brought in real ears of corn to show the damage the deer are causing and is asking the board to let the hunters control the deer population, and possibly have the meat donated to the people who need it. Cheryl Maggio asked if he was asking for bow and arrow as well as shotgun hunting seasons, and Mr. Long indicated he didn’t have a preference. Judy Barnard wanted to know if there were any other animals eating the corn. He believes it is just the deer. Cheryl wanted to know if he had seen groups of deer and Mr. Long indicated that he had seen groups of 20 and 30 deer going down the creek.

Adoption of laid-over 2012 budget and levy – Tom Kalousek stated that the budget was presented on August 24 and was laid over for 30 days. The public hearing was held. Judy Barnard made a motion to adopt the laid-over Annual Budget and Appropriations Ordinance of the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District for the period from November 1, 2011 through October 31, 2012 and the laid-over Levy Ordinance for the year 2011. Motion was seconded by Gloria Lind. Motion passed unanimously.

Approval of sale of 2002A bonds – Jay Ferraro made a motion authorizing the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $2,650,000 for the purpose of advance refunding a portion of the $2,715,104 outstanding aggregate principal amount of series 2002A limited general obligation bonds of the district (the “Series 2002A bonds”); and the setting of the bond issue notification act hearing. Motion was seconded by Audrey. Motion passed unanimously. The Commissioners were asked to look at their calendars for a special board meeting on November 29. In the event a special meeting can be agreed upon, this could get done by the end of the calendar year.

Bids on Central Shop roof – Tom Hartley advised the Commissioners that the Central Shop roof is in bad shape, and although it is a budget item for next year, it needs to be done this year. After some discussion as to when the project can be started, the 15 year warranty and the materials that would be used, Jay Ferraro made a motion to award the contract for the repair of the roof at Central Shop to the low bidder, Carlson Roofing, for a total cost of $37,460. Motion seconded by Judy. Motion passed unanimously.

Strategic Planning Report – Judy Barnard handed out memorandums to the Commissioners that reported that the focus group questions have been refined, and a time frame for proceeding has been created, along with a list of possible focus group participants. There are still some items to be completed before the focus groups can meet, which are tentatively scheduled for the 2nd, 3rd and 5th week of November. Mary McNamara-Bernsten asked everyone to look at the lists to see if something is missing, e.g., age groups, genders, etc., and to look at what is there and add to it. Jay Ferraro suggested people from the health industry, and a few names were mentioned and those people would be contacted.

Expanding the contract of Pam Reidenbach – Judy Barnard explained the need for assistance in the search process for Executive Director position and would like to have Pam Reidenbach help with that process. Judy explained her concerns about bringing in someone from the outside and thinks that a local person as a facilitator is the way to go because they know the District, the needs, etc. Pam is qualified to help with the search for the new Executive Director. Tom Kalousek believes that some of the work she has already done will help her in the process in the future, however the cost may not be very firm, because the extent of the role she would play is unknown at this time. This is being laid over until November 8.

Special Districts Forum – Audrey Johnson gave an overview of the Forum that she and Jamie Johannsen attended and brought back lots of information that is very comprehensive. She attended many informative sessions and has lots of ideas that she believes the District will be able to incorporate.

Amendment to the District Code – Audrey Johnson requested that the staff draft an amendment to the District Code that would require an automatic layover before a final vote can be made on certain action items such as land acquisition, staffing changes and contracts, and large expenditures. Audrey believes that this procedure will give Commissioners time to research and gather pertinent information on an issue before voting. There was a lot of discussion about this. As to large expenditures, Judy Barnard believes a dollar amount needs to be set. Tom Kalousek suggested the wording to be “non-budgeted items” instead of large expenditures. In regards to the issue of laying over for 30 days, Jay Ferraro believes we usually do wait 30 days, and that staffing and contracts should be up to the Director, and for large expenditures he agrees with Judy. He also believes the Code does not need to be changed, that nothing is being done wrong. Right now the Commissioners are simply having growing pains. Audrey further explained that issues need to be more thought through, so that the Commissioners have the chance to understand the issue and that the chairperson cannot do an interpretation, it needs to be in black and white to all the Commissioners. Mary McNamara-Bernsten believed that a lot of times we are efficient with the meetings, and with that comes some hurried votes, etc. Judy then added that anything that needs to be voted on needs to be seen in advance. Tom Kalousek indicated that it was almost a year ago that the Commissioner’s Rules of Order and Procedures were written, and maybe they need to be looked at some areas need additional clarification. Attorney Mike Scheurich then said that any Commissioner can move to table an issue or suspend a rule to have the protections needed. Once the motion to table or suspend is brought up, if majority goes along with it, an issue can move to table or suspend with a 4/3 vote. Judy mentioned it would be helpful to have the issues out a specified time period in advance, so people have the time to read it, understand and ask questions. Commissioners agreed 15 days in advance on items that needed to be voted on needs to get to the Commissioners. Audrey will re-write her motion for next meeting to reflect the changes discussed. The November 8 meeting will have the motion to read as follows:
Action items laid over – all non-budgeted action items with corresponding background information must be distributed to each Board member at least 15 calendar days in advance of a scheduled Board meeting.
Establishing a Foundation oral report – Audrey Johnson handed out a proposal for the WCFPD Foundation. Judy Barnard would like to have a couple different people come talk to us, at two separate meetings, about setting up a foundation. There are people willing to come and help us with the project. Audrey would like to contact Gloria Lundin, Jim Keeling, and somebody from NLI (Tom Ptacin and possibly Jerry Paulson). Audrey made a motion to have an executive committee meet with these 3 different people and the information will be sent to the Commissioners before the next board meeting (November 8), then the Board can talk and vote on what to do. Seconded by Judy. Cheryl Maggio brought up that it shouldn’t be an executive committee, because an executive committee needs officers. Audrey amended her motion to form a separate committee (named Foundation Committee). The Foundation Committee will consist of Audrey, Cheryl, Mary, Judy and Randy, seconded by Judy. Motion passed unanimously. Audrey will contact Lundin and Keeling, Judy will contact NLI, and the committee will come up with dates to meet to discuss information.

Executive Directors Report – Quarterly Work Plans – The Strategic Planning Committee had requested quarterly work plans from the administrative staff members. Tom Kalousek handed out the work plans for the Commissioners review. Mike Durand added that the Ledges will be closed for the season on Sunday, October 30. The other two courses will stay open until the weather dictates a closing time. This nice weather has been good for attendance on the courses. Gloria Lind asked if the District does anything about the mosquitoes. Mike Durand indicated the golf courses get sprayed. Tom Kalousek reported that the District does not use chemicals unless for a prescribed application or some nuisance situation. The District does have a few bat houses in the preserves.

The meeting was closed at 7:15 to discuss land acquisition. The meeting re-opened at 7:40. Mary McNamara-Bernsten declared no action was taken while in closed session.

Tom Kalousek distributed two articles that were in the Rockford Register Star. The first was about NLI’s new preserve along the Pecatonica River, and the second was an article regarding the Kishwaukee River cleanup.

Tom also distributed a press release regarding the New Community Trees Program. Judy Barnard will be representing the District.

Kevin Haas is doing a report on the Emerald Ash Borer because it is in Winnebago County; the Community Tree Advocate program is going to educate people on that.

Severson Dells annual breakfast 7:30am Wednesday, November 2 at Giovanni’s.
Ducks unlimited fall dinner – 5:00 PM Thursday, November 10 at Giovanni’s.
Illinois Association of Park Districts conference is January 26-29. If the Commissioners are planning to attend the conference, let Tom Kalousek know by December 1.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40. Tom Kalousek has requested that the Commissioners check their calendars for availability on November 29 at 5:30 to have a special board meeting for the bond sale.
BINA hearing, 5:30, Tuesday November 8, Headquarters
Board meeting, 5:30, Tuesday November 8, Headquarters
Board meeting, 5:30, Tuesday December 6, Headquarters

Ronelle Johnson
Recording secretary