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Board Meeting Minutes Aug. 2

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
District Headquarters
August 2, 2011

Randy Olson – President Tom Kalousek, Executive Director
Judy Barnard Vaughn Stamm, Preserve Operations
Mary McNamara- Bernsten Tom Hartley, Land & Development
Jay Ferraro Mike Durand, Director of Golf
Audrey Johnson Judi Day, Budget & Personnel
Gloria Lind
Cheryl Maggio GUEST
Pam Reidenbach, Strategic Planning Facilitator

The meeting was called to order at 5:50, recording secretary Ronelle Johnson called the roll. All Seven commissioners were present.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Cheryl Maggio led the assemblage in the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes for July 20, were approved

Budget amendment – In the 2011 budget, the line item for the intergovernmental agreement with the Sheriff’s department was estimated too low due staffing and parts for repairing older squad cars exceeded the budget. In addition, the Hononegah outhouse needs to be replaced due to an automobile running into it, and the District received a check from the PDRMA to replace it. A motion was made by Audrey Johnson to approve the budget amendment for Law Enforcement for an additional $15,500 and Capital Improvement for $14,500, and it was seconded by Gloria. The motion carried unanimously. Ordinance passed.

Land use – legal obligation policy – Randy Olson raised the question, does the board want to take a position on the windmills issue. There was a lot of discussion and one of the biggest issues to deal with is set back. Right now our setback is 1200 feet, and Ogle County is 2900 feet. Randy Olson indicated Greenway community would like us to adopt the same setback as Ogle County. The Board agreed that they should be on record and adopt the same setback as Ogle County. Not only would it make us consistent with the other counties, but it would make a better argument. Randy Olson indicated that the windmills being proposed are at the southwest part of the county, but the exact sites are not chosen yet. The general consensus is the Committee wants the District’s opinion heard and the opportunity to address the issues including distance, the migratory bird patterns, noise levels and when additional windmills are coming in, etc. The Board decided that the Commissioners would attend the ZBA on August 10, at the County Administration building to make the statement in person.

Mission Statement– Pam Reidenbach reviewed the mission statement that was created on July 12, Connecting people to nature while preserving natural lands. There was more discussion reviewing this statement. It was decided to replace the word while to and. Therefore, the mission statement currently reads Connecting people to nature and preserving natural lands. There was more discussion and it was decided that the mission statement is pretty strong, but a few changes may be made in the future.
Strengths & weaknesses – Pam Reidenbach lead a discussion on internal strengths and weakness factors. She explained that these could be things anywhere from management and staff to vulnerabilities and gaps. She also indicated that some of these things would be on both the strength list as well as the weakness list. A list was made of both strengths and weaknesses.

Internal Opportunities – After the strength and weaknesses lists were made, a list of internal opportunities was made. This was basically a “wish list” of what the Board would like to see in the future, plans, goals, improvements, etc.

External Data collection – The next steps is going to be external data collection. External data collection will be going out into the community and gathering information from people about what they think of the Forest Preserves and what they have to offer. Pam indicated that the Board needs to be thinking of who and what groups of people to ask, what and when to ask them and in what format, (e.g. is it a focus group, survey, one on one interviews, etc.), and what time frame. Once those things are determined, Pam will go out into the community and collect the information/data.

Pam also mentioned The Healthy Community Study 2010, which was done by Joel Cowen of the Rockford Health Counsel, would be a good study to look at. It was suggested the Board download it off the website to get an idea of the demographics. Pam Reidenbach suggested that Becky Cook-Kendall may be able to come out and summarize the report. Tom Kalousek is going to look into that.

Upcoming Meetings – Next board meeting is scheduled for August 9 at 5:30 – presentment of proposed budget, at District Headquarters. An additional strategic planning meeting is scheduled for August 10, at 5:30 at the County Administration Building, 404 Elm Street, Rockford. The board will meet at the County Administration Building, and then go to the ZBA meeting that night, which is in the same building. A regular meeting scheduled for August 24 at 5:30 at District Headquarters, to finalize or answer any remaining questions about the proposed budget. A backup budget meeting date scheduled for September 6, 2011 at 5:30 at District Headquarters. The September board meeting is scheduled for September 20, at 6:30, at District Headquarters.

Wednesday August 17, at 10am, the Illinois Association of Conservation and Forest Preserve Districts are holding their summer meeting at the Byron Forest Preserve. Randy is on the agenda of that meeting. The meeting would probably last approximately 2 hours.

The Winnebago County Fair is the August 16 through August 21. The District has a booth at the fair. If the Commissioners would like to be in the booth, they are more than welcome.

At 8:16 Jay Ferraro moved to close the meeting, seconded by Mary McNamara-Bernsten.

Ronelle Johnson
Recording secretary