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Board Meeting Minutes Aug. 10

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District

District Headquarters
August 10, 2011

Randy Olson – President Tom Kalousek, Executive Director
Judy Barnard Vaughn Stamm, Preserve Operations
Mary McNamara- Bernsten Tom Hartley, Land & Development
Audrey Johnson Mike Durand, Golf
Cheryl Maggio Jamie Johannsen, Marketing

Jay Ferraro Pam Reidenbach
Gloria Lind

ROLL CALL – Meeting was called to order at 5:44 PM, Ronelle Johnson called the roll call. Five Commissioners were present, 2 were absent (Jay Ferraro and Gloria Lind)

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Judy Barnard led the assemblage in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Strengths and weaknesses – Pam Reidenbach did a quick review of the August 2 planning session and indicated this session would be about external data collection: who the District wants to talk to and what to ask. Pam gave Jamie Johannsen a chance to give her input since she was not at the last meeting. Jamie agreed with the list and thought it was good. Tom would like to add a few weaknesses to the list: First, the lack of internal ability to quantify or qualify success as to the use of the facilities, and second the perception of low use. He also wanted to add as opportunities, increase in connecting people to nature, and increase the perceived value of the District. Randy Olson would like to see an increase in media press releases, as it seems that the Park District is in the media a lot and this could get people to value the preserves more. Tom also mentioned that he made contact with Becky Cook-Kendall. She is currently scheduled to be at the August 24 meeting. However, Tom feels that since that is the budget meeting, that date may not be the best to have her come, so a new date should be discussed.

External Data Collection – Pam explained what external data collection was and what it entailed. She suggests five focus groups. The idea of a focus group is a qualitative process designed to elicit opinions, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions to gain insights and information (i.e. needs, concerns, input, strengths and gaps). Pam is suggesting the focus group is the right approach. Cheryl Maggio thinks it is too narrow a group. She believes we should do more than just a focus group, like a survey, to maximize the people you can reach. Randy Olson suggested having a survey at the county fair, or suggested that they can go online to take the survey. The survey should have 3-4 questions. Randy suggested giving them something for participating in the survey or group: a round of golf, free camping, etc. Pam liked the idea of a survey at the fair and questions were brainstormed. It was decided there would be a survey at the fair and the Board came up with a questionnaire.
Pam brought the group back to discussing the focus groups. She suggested five groups, 6-12 participants per group, 90 minutes, at a convenient time, and to have clear goals for the session. There are three steps to focus groups. Step 1: identify the groups, Step 2: draft questions, Step 3: logistics.

After more brainstorming, the board decided that the focus groups would target the following groups:
1. Young professionals 25-40 age group; 4. Recreation organizations;
2. Environmental Protection; 5. Non-users; and
3. Environmental Education; 6. Business men and women.
It was decided the following groups may be a focus in the future. Partner groups; Farming/Rural/ Agricultural community/Rural mayors; Special interest groups; Community leaders.

Pam went on to explain the parameters of the questions for the focus groups. No questions that can be answered with a yes or a no; no leading questions that would influence answers; clearly formulated questions that are easily understood; carefully sequenced questions that start easy and gradually get more difficult. Finally there is an opportunity for written comments. The Board then broke up into groups of two and each took a “group” mentioned above and came up with questions. Each group brainstormed the questions to be asked of the focus groups. See attached list of Focus Group Questions.

Judy Barnard would like fellow Board members to confirm that what she has prepared to read at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting concerning wind turbines is adequate, and if there are changes, to contact her. The Board was given Judy’s statement, given time to read it, and had some discussion as to what, if anything to take out. Judy stated she needs to reinstate the 2900 feet, and she is paring down what she has prepared. Audrey Johnson made a motion to approve in concept the written position statement that the Board is submitting to the ZBA with a few editorial modifications, including the distance stated. Motion seconded by Mary McNamara-Bernsten. There was some additional discussion as to simplifying some of the sections. Motion carried unanimously.

At 8:30 PM, Cheryl Maggio moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Audrey Johnson.

Ronelle Johnson
Recording Secretary