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Board of Commissioner Minutes Jan. 18

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
District Headquarters
January 18, 2011 – 7:00 PM

Randy Olson – President Thomas Kalousek, Executive Director
Mary McNamara Bernsten Drake Branca, Operations
Judy Barnard Tom Hartley, Development
Jay Ferraro Mike Durand, Golf
Audrey Johnson Jamie Johannsen, Marketing
Gloria Lind Mike Scheurich, Attorney
Steve Chapman, Finance
ABSENT Sally Claassen, Purchasing
Cheryl Maggio Terry Nordberg, Public Safety Coordinator

Alise Howlet John Richards Lenae Weichel
At 7:00 PM President Randy Olson requested Evelyn do a roll call with six of seven Commissioners present.

PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE – Jay Ferraro presented the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes for January 3, 2011 were approved.

President Randy Olson introduced Steve Chapman from the Winnebago County Finance Department. Steve Chapman has been with the County for 33 years and has a good working relationship providing financial assistance to the Forest Preserve District.

Klehm Arboretum – community tree initiative – Tom Kalousek introduced John Richards, an arborist and President of Klehm Arboretum. John Richards was with Klehm Arboretum from the beginning and helped raise money for the original buildings and worked with Tom Hartley on the Master Plan for Klehm Arboretum. With the County’s help and assistance from the Forest Preserve District with equipment and labor, Klehm Arboretum is on solid ground. Tom Kalousek reported the land and buildings at Klehm Arboretum are the property of the Forest Preserve District and there is a levy for Botanical Tax. Klehm Arboretum does their own programming and has been able to raise money for their operating budget. John Richards reported on a community tree advocate program that is provided by government, private businesses, and grant money. President Randy Olson inquired if a future Board Meeting in the spring could take place at Klehm Arboretum and John Richards reported that would be possible.

Bids – fertilizers and chemicals – President Randy Olson introduced Sally Claassen from County Purchasing who presented the bids for fertilizers and chemicals. Sally Claassen reported the Forest Preserve District has an intergovernmental agreement with the County and when possible local businesses are used but the law does not allow for discrimination. Mary McNamara Bernsten inquired if the costs for fertilizers and chemicals were the same as last year. Drake Branca reported last year the District spent less money but weather determines when more fertilizers and chemicals are needed. Judy Barnard inquired if organic fertilizers and chemicals are used and if they are harmless to wildlife especially the river at Macktown Forest Preserve. Mike Durand reported the District does use alternates when possible and they are EPA approved and used by licensed applicators. Jay Ferraro moved, seconded by Audrey Johnson to approve the purchase of fertilizers and chemicals for $51,642.48. Motion passed unanimously.

Bids – vehicles – Sally Claassen presented the bids for three ¾ ton 4×4 pickup trucks through the State of Illinois joint purchasing contract. All three trucks are replacement vehicles with the older vehicles going to the Municipal Auction and the funds from the auction will go back to the Forest Preserve District. Mary McNamara Bernsten inquired if some vehicles could be purchased at a later time and the number of trucks the Forest Preserve District has. Sally Claassen reported that the prices are only good for 90 days. Drake Branca reported there are about 37 trucks, a couple of SUV’s and an aerial truck, dump truck, and tree spade and if the District waits to buy vehicles the following year there would need to be a lot more replaced due to the heavy mileage and wear and tear on the vehicles and that no other ground maintenance equipment is being replaced this year. Judy Barnard inquired if there was a vehicle replacement plan and Drake Branca handed out a list of District vehicles. Judy Barnard moved, seconded by Audrey Johnson to approve the purchase of three vehicles from Anderson Rock River Ford for $72,096. Motion passed unanimously.

Resolution – change in Board schedule President Randy Olson presented the resolution to change the Board schedule. Jay Ferraro moved, seconded by Mary McNamara Bernsten to approve start time at 6:30 PM for regular Board meetings. Motion passed unanimously.

Budget amendment – development projects – Tom Hartley presented the budget amendment for development projects that is a transfer of money. Tom Kalousek reported that projects were budgeted for in 2010 and not completed. Jay Ferraro inquired as to the amount of money left in land improvement and Tom Hartley reported there is about $80,000 left in the I & D Fund. Gloria Lind moved, seconded by Mary McNamara Bernsten to approve the budget amendment. Motion passed unanimously.

Law enforcement program – President Randy Olson presented the law enforcement program comparing four options and reported the need to pass these programs quickly so grants could be applied for. Jay Ferraro moved to approve option three: contract with the Sheriff for two 12-month deputies, establish our own police powers, and hire part-time officers from other municipalities. Judy Barnard requested a lay over. Audrey Johnson reported the Forest Preserve District’s mission is not to own its own police department and was concerned about liability. Public Safety Coordinator Terry Nordberg reported he worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 32 years and with the Forest Preserve District since 1997 and has always had a good working relationship with the Sheriff’s Department. Tom Kalousek reported the purpose of law enforcement in the forest preserves is to inform, educate, and enforce only if needed. Mary McNamara Bernsten inquired of Terry Nordberg which option he preferred and he replied option one: to continue the contract with the Sheriff for two full-time and two three-month deputies. Tom Kalousek reported option three would be good if the Sheriff would agree to it. Jay Ferraro withdrew his motion for option three and moved, seconded by Judy Barnard to approve two ordinances: 1. An Ordinance creating the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District Police; and 2. An Ordinance adopting hiring standards for part-time officers; and a revised option three with two full-time officers and part-time reserve officers from the Sheriff. Motion passed unanimously.

Tom Kalousek reported the land acquisition presentation will take place at a later date and members will be notified. Tom Kalousek reported PDRMA awarded the Forest Preserve District a check for $1,500 for being compliant in over 90% in the Loss Control Review Program for 2010.

Early retirement incentive program – President Randy Olson requested Evelyn do a roll call and all approved the motion to close the meeting at 8:10 PM to discuss early retirement incentive program. Motion passed unanimously to close the meeting. The meeting reopened at 9:30 PM. No action was taken in closed session.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM by President Randy Olson.
Next Board meeting – 6:30 PM Tuesday, February 15, at District Headquarters

Evelyn Winckler, Recording Secretary