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Board of Commissioner Minutes October 25, 2017

Forest Preserves of Winnebago County


Preserves Headquarters

October 25, 2017


PRESENT                                                     STAFF

Judy Barnard                                                  Mike Holan, Executive Director

Mike Eickman                                                 Steve Chapman, Finance

Cheryl Maggio                                                Vaughn Stamm, Preserve Operations

Jeff Tilly                                                          Tom Hartley, Land and Development

Jake Henry                                                     Jamie Johannsen, Marketing

Gloria Lind-Via phone at 5:32                         Kim O’Malley, Human Resources/Volunteer Program



Audrey Johnson



The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM, by President Barnard.  Recording secretary Ronelle Johnson called the roll.


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE     Jeff Tilly led the assemblage in the Pledge of Allegiance.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA and MINUTES      Minutes for September 20, 2017 were approved.  No changes or additions were made to the agenda.



Cuyuna Trail – Mike Holan & Vaughn Stamm were invited by the Rockford Park District and Peter Provenzano of SupplyCorp to go to the Cuyuna Trail in Minnesota.    It is a Minnesota State Park that is owned by the Minnesota DNR.  The Trail is a 25 mile mountain bike trail system.  Mike gave a history of the area that the Cuyuna Trail is in, which is very similar to the market in Rockford.  Rockford Park District and the owner of SupplyCorp would like a collaborative effort with the Preserves to create a mountain bike trail system that could possibly be built along the Kishwaukee River.  The Park District is currently working on a mountain bike trail at Atwood Park.  Judy has asked Mike to look into what other Forest Preserves have mountain bike trails, and also research the environmental impact of a mountain bike trail system.  Judy directed the Commissioners to do some research before the next meeting so it can be discussed further.



New Forest Preserve Name – The newly purchased Hoisington property is in need of a name.  Staff generated a list of names for the preserve and voted on those names.  Three names emerged from the list as the most popular.  Staff is asking the Commissioners to select a name from the top three most popular names.  The names suggested are:  Cedar Cliff (which is preferred by the previous owner), Rock Ridge and Yellow Rock.  Judy asked the Commissioners to email their name choice to Mike Holan.



Bills for September – Mike Eickman made a motion, and Jeff Tilly seconded to authorize the payment of the bills for September in the amount of $699,553.22.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Budget and Appropriations Ordinance –The Forest Preserves of Winnebago County’s fiscal year budget operates from November 1, through October 31.  The Board of Commissioners have been presented the proposed 2017-2018 Annual Budget and Appropriation for review and adoption.  The budget has been laid over for 30 days for public review and comment.  No changes were made during the layover.  Gloria Lind made a motion via phone and Mike Eickman seconded, to approve the Ordinance to adopt the 2017-2018 Annual Budget and Appropriations.  Roll call vote taken.  Motion passes 4-1 (Jake Henry voted no).


Levy Ordinance – The Forest Preserves of Winnebago County’s fiscal year budget operates from November 1, through October 31.  The Board of Commissioners have been presented a proposed tax levy that must be approved to finance the 2017-2018 Annual Budget and Appropriations Ordinance that has been presented to the Board.  The tax levy has been laid over for 30 days for public review and comment.  Jeff Tilly made a motion and Cheryl Maggio seconded, to approve the Ordinance to adopt the Levy Ordinance.  Roll call vote taken.  Motion passed unanimously.


2018 Holiday Schedule – Certain days of the calendar year are designated as scheduled holidays.  The Forest Preserves of Winnebago County has designated such dates to observe said holidays.  The Board of Commissioners of the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County elect to set the scheduled holidays for all Forest Preserve employees.  Mike Eickman made a motion and Gloria Lind seconded via phone, to approve the holiday schedule to be observed by the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County’s employees for the year of 2018.  Motion passed unanimously.


2018 Fee Schedules – Staff has proposed a few changes to the 2018 golf fees and charges.  The changes are as follows:  Continue to offer the discount card providing golfers with a 15% savings on green fees and golf cart rental; Discount of $25 for Premier and Player golf passes purchased prior to April 1st; Refer a Friend Discount Program, offering a $100 discount on pass prices for both people when a current pass holder refers a 2nd person to purchase a season pass where the 2nd person has not held a pass in the past two years; Practice Range Season Pass will be made available for the first time; Student passes will now be valid on same days and hours as a Player Pass; Special Jr. Golf rate for golfers 17 and under; Golf pass and maximum greens fee prices will remain the same for 2018 as in 2017 to maintain affordability; however fees will be evaluated and re-assessed for 2019 and beyond.  As for the Fee Schedule, there are no proposed increases or changes.  Jeff Tilly made a motion, and Cheryl Maggio seconded to approve a resolution to revise the 2018 Golf Fees and Charges and 2018 Fees Schedules.  Motion passed unanimously.


Delegate to IAPD Annual Business Meeting –The Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD) requires each member agency to select delegates to their Annual Business Meeting which will be held on January 20, 2018.  The Forest Preserves of Winnebago County is an IAPD member and therefore must assign delegates to represent the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County.  The Preserves typically assigns the Executive Director and up to three other individuals, comprised of staff and/or Board members as delegates.  Cheryl Maggio made a motion, and Gloria Lind seconded that Executive Director Michael Holan, and Community Relations Manager Jamie Johannsen be considered delegates to represent the Preserves at the IAPD Annual Business Meeting on January 20, 2018.  Motion passed unanimously.


Hoisington Property Demolition Bid – The newly purchased Hoisington property has several structures in a state of disrepair and must be removed before the property is safe for public use.  Bids for demolition of these structures were received October 12, in advance of the new budget year beginning November 1st, so that work can start in November if needed.  The work was bid to bury all concrete onsite and an alternate bid to remove all concrete from the site.  A total of 5 bids were received.  The low bid to demolish with the concrete buried onsite is by G&G Construction for $28,500.  The low bid to demolish with the concrete removed from the site is by Martin & Company for $39,700.  Staff recommends low bid to demolish with concrete buried onsite.   Judy asked the Commissioners which their preference was, burying the concrete or having the concrete removed.  The Commissioners preferred to have the concrete removed, which is Alternate 1 on the Bid Tabulation and includes hauling away the concrete (not what staff recommended).   Jeff Tilly made a motion, and Mike Eickman seconded to approve a Resolution for the bid of the Hoisington Property Demolition and award the low bid to Martin & Company, to demolish with the concrete removed from the site for $39,700.  Motion passed unanimously.


Advance Approval for Commissioner Expenses – The Preserves Board of Commissioners adopted the Travel Expense Policy for the Preserves to be compliant with the Local Government Travel Expense Control Act.  The Policy allows Commissioners to attend educational conferences related to their duties as representatives of the Preserves and be reimbursed for expenses related to such conferences.  Commissioners have attended the two day IAPD Soaring to New Heights Conference in Chicago in past years and Commissioner Audrey Johnson wishes to attend the January 2018 conference.  The Fiscal Year 2017/2018 budget contains a Corporate Board Fund that appropriates monies for such expenses incurred by Commissioners and contains sufficient funds for the maximum incurred expenses.  Jake Henry made a motion, and Gloria Lind seconded via phone, that Audrey Johnson will either be reimbursed for expenses she incurs while attending the Conference and/or will have those related expenses paid for in advance by the Preserves of approximately $929 for the IAPD January 2018 conference.  Roll call vote taken.  Motion passed unanimously.



Preserve Operations – Vaughn Stamm submitted a written report.


Land and Development – Tom Hartley submitted a written report.


Golf Operations – Mike Holan submitted a written report.


Marketing and Community Relations – Jamie Johannsen submitted a written report.


Environmental Education – Ann Wasser submitted a written report.


Human Resources/Volunteer Program Report – Kim O’Malley submitted a written report.  Kim reminded the Commissioners of the Volunteer Picnic will be held on November 4 at Pecatonica River Forest Preserve.


Law Enforcement – Sheriff’s Department submitted a written report.



November 4 – Volunteer Appreciation Picnic at Pecatonica River Forest Preserve (Stone Barn), starting at 11:30 a.m.

October 26 – Severson Breakfast at Giovanni’s at 7:30 a.m.



Meeting adjourned at 7:01 PM.

Next board meeting 5:30 PM, Wednesday, November 15, Macktown Living History Education Center



Respectfully Submitted,

Ronelle Johnson

Recording Secretary