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Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes March 17

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District

Committee of the Whole Meeting

District Headquarters

March 17, 2014


PRESENT                                                                 STAFF

Judy Barnard                                                              Mike Holan, Executive Director

Audrey Johnson                                                          Jamie Johannsen, Marketing

Mary McNamara Bernsten                                         

Mike Eickman


                                                                                    Pam Maher – KMK Media Group

                                                                                    Kelly Sundby – KMK Media Group

                                                                                    Jim Benkovich – Benkovich & Associates, Ltd.

                                                                                    Aaron Benkovich – Benkovich & Associates, Ltd.                                                               


The meeting was called to order by President Barnard at 9 AM.  President Judy Barnard called the roll.   



Graphic Design Agency Interviews


KMK Media Group – Pam Maher, CEO of the organization, introduces herself and states the company has 10 employees and has been in business for 15 years and they currently have over 100 active clients.  Pam Maher gives some background information on Kelly Sundby, senior designer, who would spearhead this project.  Pam Maher goes over some of the firm’s services such as ad development, brand identity, media placement, public relations and web development.  Pam mentions how many other organizations have come to the firm for brand identity services such as the Forest Preserve and often down the road need to utilize some of their other marketing needs.  Pam shows some examples of other governmental and publicly funded clients they have provided services for.  She states that the Forest Preserve needs a new logo that is remember-able, recognizable, unique, creative, interesting, scale-able and fits our new name.  Pam states how the company usually responds to all e-mails and calls within 24 hours. 


Mary McNamara Bernsten inquires on how they measure success after the brand identity is done.  Pam mentions that some sort of survey available at the preserves or online would be a good way to measure the effectiveness.  Judy Barnard brings up how the demographics have changed so much in the communities in Rockford and the surrounding areas and inquires how they know how to reach all of the different demographics.  Pam states that this is often listed in the marketing plan to figure out who you are trying to target and what we want them to know.  Kelly inquires if there is any sentimental attachment to the current logo, and everyone assures him there is not and they are looking for something that people can be invested in and value whether they use the preserves or not.        


Judy temporarily adjourns the meeting at 9:53 AM. 


Judy reconvenes the meeting at 11:00 AM.


Jim Benkovich & Associates – Jim Benkovich introduces himself from Benkovich & Associates.  He starts off with a little background about himself and his background in art and the environment.  Jim states that many of the company’s clients are environment related.  He shows a few examples of past work such as the Stone Bridge Trail signs.  Aaron Benkovich introduces himself and goes into further detail of previous logos that the company has locally done such as the foot path on Hononegah Road and the Ledges Subdivision.  Aaron then shows other examples of industrial items they have done.  Jim explains the first steps of the process would be to do the “message mapping” in which they review the current logo, mission statement, long range strategic goals and key audiences before they start the design process. 


Judy Barnard inquires on what the time frame would be for a new logo.  Jim states the best case would probably be 6 to 8 weeks but states they are able to work with the Forest Preserve’s schedule.  Jim and Aaron show a sample of a 360º video clip that the Forest Preserve may want to utilize in the future. 


Judy announces a five minute break before they discuss the firms.


Mary McNamara Bernsten begins the discussion with what she thought the positives of KMK Media were.  Mary McNamara Bernsten likes the experience KMK Media has had with government and publicly funded clients as she thinks they captured the feel of those organizations very well.  Mary McNamara Bernsten also thinks KMK Media tailored their presentations to the Forest Preserve’s organization very well.  Mary McNamara Bernsten felt that ColinKurtis and KMK Media both laid out their design processes very well.  Judy Barnard really likes the idea of having software that they can track the progress of the project.  Jamie Johannsen agrees the software is very beneficial to be able to monitor the status and to know where everyone is at.  Mary McNamara Bernsten thought KMK Media did really good creative work that hit the Forest Preserve’s needs right on.  Audrey Johnson thinks that KMK Media would be beneficial to have a group to work with and to help Jamie since she is a one man operation.  Jamie Johannsen agrees she does not have enough time to create everything, and notes that outsourcing for some things is a must.  Jamie Johannsen thought ColinKurtis worked their product and felt their logos were very strong.  Jamie Johannsen likes the simplicity, cleanness and impactful designs of the logos she saw from ColinKurtis.  Jamie Johannsen likes ColinKurtis’ process, especially the brief but states she realizes those services would come with a higher price.  Jamie Johannsen mentions the idea of maybe doing our own brief.  Jamie Johannsen believes she could work well with any of the agencies, and does not have a strong favorite although states she does have an existing, good working relationship with Manifesto. 

Mary McNamara Bernsten mentions she felt the same way as Jamie regarding KMK Media and ColinKurtis as she thought their designs were both strong.  Jamie states how Manifesto had recently delivered very well for the Get Outside Winnebago logo, but states this project is a little different from that.  Jamie agrees that our organization functions on so many levels which makes the logo design so much more difficult compared to other organizations.  Jamie Johannsen thinks that instead of getting a logo that says everything we need something that is representatively strong and we can build our identity around that. 


Everyone states how they really liked the 360° video, especially for the golf courses.  Mary McNamara Bernsten states she would like to re-approach Jim Benkovich in the future regarding the video. 


Everyone is instructed to e-mail Mike Holan with their final decision by tomorrow.  The final decision is brought down to KMK Media and Manifesto.            



Meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM.  



Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Swanson