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Executive Committee Minutes Oct. 20

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
District Headquarters
October 20, 2010 – 5:30 PM

Bob Kinnison – Chairman Thomas Kalousek, Executive Director
Tom Owens Tom Hartley, Development
Kay Mullins Drake Branca, Operations
L.C. Wilson Mike Durand, Golf
Bob Hastings Jamie Johannsen, Marketing
Carolyn Gardner Mike Scheurich, Attorney
Sally Claassen, Purchasing
ABSENT Judi Day, Budget
Doug Aurand

Chairman Bob Kinnison called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM. Minutes for September 2 were approved.

Bids – wireless connections – Sally Claassen presented the bid for wireless connection at the District office. The previous connection is not licensed and with more businesses in the area using wireless and a lot of bad weather, the connection has been down often. The bid calls for two links that are licensed, encrypted, and able to send and receive at faster speeds. Tom Owens moved to award the contract to Kelso-Burnett Company for the amount of $44,950, seconded by Bob Hastings. Motion passed unanimously.

2011 fee schedule – Tom Kalousek presented the 2011 fee schedule. There was no increase. Fees will remain the same in 2011 as in 2010. L.C. Wilson moved to approve the 2011 fee schedule, seconded by Kay Mullins. Motion passed unanimously.

2011 District holiday schedule – Kalousek presented the 2011 District holiday schedule. Mullins moved to approve the 2011 District holiday schedule, seconded by Hastings. Motion passed unanimously.

ADA policy – Kalousek presented the ADA policy. John McGovern of Recreation Accessibility Consultants developed an umbrella accessibility policy for the District that will be implemented over the next three to four years for outdoor environment accessibility. Wilson moved to approve the ADA policy, seconded by Mullins. Motion passed unanimously.

Agreement with Sheriff’s Department – Kalousek presented the renewal agreement with the Sheriff’s Department that has been approved by the Sheriff. Owens moved to lay over the agreement with Sheriff’s Department for the new board, seconded by Kinnison. A poll was taken to lay the agreement over for the new board with Kinnison, Owens, Mullins voting yes; Hastings and Carolyn Gardner voting no. Motion passed to lay over the agreement with the Sheriff’s Department to the new board; 3 for and 2 against.

Agreement with Winnebago County – Kalousek presented the agreement with Winnebago County for administrative services. Owens moved to approve the agreement with Winnebago County, seconded by Mullins. Motion passed unanimously.

Operations – Drake Branca reported statistics were doing well with the good weather.

Land and Development – Tom Hartley reported the Knox property which is now County Line Forest Preserve will soon have trail access. Chris Green from the Rockford Register Star may have an article concerning this property in the near future. Kieselburg Forest Preserve and other preserves will have new pathways to shelterhouses for ADA compatibility.

Marketing and Community Relations – Jamie Johannsen reported there is nothing new at this time.

Golf – Mike Durand reported golf statistics were doing well with the good weather. Macktown Golf Course is expected to close October 31 and Ledges Golf Course will be the second to close one to two weeks later, leaving Atwood Homestead Golf Course as the year round course to stay open.

Executive Director – Kalousek reported there will be a joint social meeting on November 10 with the present Committee and the new Commissioners that will be elected November 2. Kinnison requested Johannsen to prepare a speech for him to deliver to the new Commissioners. The new Commissioners will have their first meeting in December. A sample plaque to recognize the present Committee members was passed around for the Committee’s approval. The final Board meeting will be November 23 and there will be no action items.

At 5:58 PM Chairman Kinnison closed the meeting to discuss early retirement incentive program and approval of closed session minutes. Kinnison polled the members to close the meeting and all approved the motion. Motion passed unanimously to close the meeting.

The meeting reopened at 6:10 PM. No action was taken in closed session.

Early retirement incentive program – Owens moved to approve the early retirement incentive program, seconded by Hastings. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes from closed sessions – Wilson moved to approve the following closed session minutes, seconded by Owens. Motion passed unanimously.

• 1/10/07 union update and land acquisition
• 2/28/07 land acquisition
• 5/14/08 land acquisition
• 6/25/08 leave of absence
• 9/10/08 closed session minutes
• 11/5/08 leave of absence
• 9/3/09 leave of absence
• 10/7/09 leave of absence and union update
• 6/9/10 union update.

Next Committee meeting – 5:30 PM Wednesday, November 10, Headquarters
Next Board meeting—6:00 PM Thursday, November 23, Courthouse
The meeting was adjourned at 6:11 PM by Chairman Kinnison.

Evelyn Winckler
Recording Secretary