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Executive Committee Minutes Jan. 13

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
January 13, 2010 – 5:30 PM

Bob Kinnison – Chairman Tom Hartley, Development
Tom Owens Drake Branca, Operations
Bob Hastings Mike Durand, Golf
Kay Mullins Jamie Johannsen, Marketing
L.C. Wilson Judi Day, Budget
Doug Aurand
ABSENT Craig Peterson
None Jayson Shull
Ron Schneider
Chairman Bob Kinnison called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM. Minutes for October 7 were approved.

Bids – house removal at Rockford Rotary FP – Tom Hartley presented the bids for house removals at Rockford Rotary Forest Preserve. The Cherry Valley Fire Department could not burn the structures because there was not a second water source and access to the structures requires travelling a steep slope.

Bids – road alignment at Kishwaukee River FP – Hartley presented the bids for road alignment at Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve. The Kishwaukee River has changed courses and the east bank of the river is eroding and will soon erode the access road. Rather than armor the river bank, it was determined a better option would be to move a portion of the road.

Bids – golf cars – Mike Durand presented the bids for 50 new golf cars for The Ledges Golf Course. The old golf cars will be traded in. The new golf cars will include a 48 month warranty. Next year the golf cars at Macktown are scheduled to be replaced.

Bids – fertilizers & chemicals – Durand presented the bids for fertilizers and chemicals that are mostly used on the golf courses. Some of the chemicals have come down in price this year. Each golf course has two certified chemical applicators and Drake Branca reported in the preserves all full-time employees have operator licenses along with some individuals having chemical applicator licenses.

Bids – vehicles – Branca presented the bids for vehicles to replace two trucks.

Bids – maintenance equipment – Branca presented the bids for maintenance equipment for four mowers to be replaced.

Kay Mullins moved, seconded by L.C. Wilson to approve the six bids. All six contracts are under budget.
 $14,700 to Brindel Excavating & Trucking for Rotary North Forest Preserve house removals,
 $45,654.75 to Cooling Landscape for Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve new road alignment,
 $125,000 to Harris Golf Cars for golf cars,
 $38,380.56 for fertilizers and chemicals,
 $49,383 to Anderson Rock River Ford for two pickup trucks,
 $16,200 to Meridian Implement Company for four mowers.
Motion passed unanimously.

Budget amendment – 2009 – Hartley presented the budget amendment for 2009 to move $20,000 from Contractual Services to Capital Outlay. The money was used for work on golf courses last year. Doug Aurand moved, seconded by Bob Hastings to approve the 2009 budget amendment for $20,000. Motion passed unanimously.

Budget amendment – 2010 – Hartley presented the budget amendment for 2010 to move $16,500 from Corporate Fund Contractual Services to Capital Outlay, transfer $250,000 from Contractual Outlay to a corporate transfer fund to be used for Golf Course Improvements, and add $291,750 to Improvement and Development Fund to complete unfinished 2009 projects. Judi Day reported the $291,750 included a $50,000 donation from Dr. Barbara Mae Atwood Foundation that Hartley reported will be used for a Seward Bluffs overlook. Wilson moved, seconded by Tom Owens to approve the budget amendment for 2010. Motion passed unanimously.

Schedule of Board meetings – Day presented the schedule of Board meetings for 2010. They are scheduled every three months within our fiscal year. Aurand moved, seconded by Mullins. Motion passed unanimously.

Operations – Branca passed around an aerial deer survey that was done for the Kishwaukee corridor since 2004. A fly over was done the last week of December 2009 and showed a successful reduction in the number of deer per square mile. This year a small reduction is planned with only one third the number of people involved and will include some sampling for Chronic Wasting Disease. A letter was distributed from John Ekberg that will be discussed at the next meeting.

Land and Development – Hartley reported a grant will be applied to purchase more property near Stonebridge Forest Preserve with the help of Natural Land Institute. The Forest Preserve District gave $50,000 to Macktown Living History Education Center as matching funds for the $50,000 they raised to retire the debt on the education center.

Marketing and Community Relations – Jamie Johannsen reported with the upcoming new Board, a video, information packets, and public meetings are being planned. There have been a lot of calls and interest from the public. A news release will be planned. The Master Naturalist Program will be in the evenings for this year and starting soon. New Forest Preserve District calendars were passed out. An ad will go out letting the public know that the discounts for golf will run until April 1.

Golf – Durand reported sales are slow for golf cards and private golf car registration due to the cold weather. The discount period will run to the end of March and $75 gift cards will again be given out for Premier Cards and $50 gift cards for Player Cards to be used for greensfees or golf car rental only. Improvements and updates will be done on clubhouses this winter. Scorecards and tee signs are up for renewal this season.

Next Board meeting—6:00 PM Thursday, January 14, Courthouse
Next Committee meeting – 5:30 Wednesday, February 10, Headquarters
The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 PM by Chairman Kinnison.

Evelyn Winckler
Recording Secretary