Preserve People: a photographic series

People connect to the forest preserves in diverse and powerful ways. It may be science, history, aesthetics, spirituality, learning, healing, recreation or simply love of nature. This series of photos created for Nature’s Notebook captures the people and the nature of their connections.

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Willie and Denise Rusin – Inspired by the View From Atop Their Horses―

The forest preserves are our favorite refuge. Riding the trails is our therapy. In the embrace of the forest, the freedom of the wide prairie, and the song of the stream we find our emotional and spiritual renewal. We are grateful for these special places to connect with nature astride our beloved horses. We take to the trails in all seasons and discover new wonders on each excursion. We bring young people riding here so that they can discover the peace and clarity that immersion in God’s creation evokes. Each year when we purchase our bridle pass, we say that this is one annual fee we are happy to pay. We can’t put a price on what the forest preserves and the trail systems add to our quality of life.